Online Casino Addiction

You will agree with me that online casino gambling is more addictive than going to land-based casinos. In this article, we want to discuss addiction, why it’s so prevalent, the signs of addiction and solutions.

Why Online Casino Gambling is So Addictive

The easy accessibility of online casinos is the first thing which makes it highly addictive. Gamblers no longer have to walk, commute, or drive looking for a land-based casino; everything is on your Smartphone, tablet, or PC.

And the worst thing about accessibility is that it’s hard to notice when a colleague, classmate, or family member is hooked. For a land-based casino addict, the absence is too loud to be ignored. However, when it comes to online casino addicts, they can be playing anywhere; in class, or at work, everything is just normal.

Secure banking options are also a significant contributor to compulsive gambling. At least for the land-based casino, the hassles of using cash, and maybe queuing can discourage addicts from gambling. But for online casinos, the fast and efficient mobile money platforms mean problem gamblers can hardly control their urge of betting.

Also, it is hard for governments to regulate online gambling. At least for land-based casinos, and local online casinos, the onerous regulations might manage illegal practices such as child gambling, and also, rules like self-exclusion are taken seriously. But for international casinos, anyone can play regardless of their addiction.

Online casinos are also known for using dubious means to entice customers, even those who have opted for self-exclusion. With the crazy promotions including generous deposit bonuses, compulsive gamblers still fall into the trap.

Signs of Addiction

It is harder to spot an online casino addict like mentioned earlier. But still, there are some classic signs that someone is addicted.

If suddenly a friend or relative starts to experience cash flow problems, it could be problem gambling. Gamblers continue losing money with the hope of recovering what they lost. Addicted gamblers also tend to be moody and often withdraw from their healthy social life.

Once you notice signs of addiction in any of those around you, they must get help. Gambling addiction is a problem which can be solved.